Macro Economic Statistics
Prices, interest rates, monetary statistics, exchange rate, industry and...

UF, IVP and UTM, CPI and underlying measures, WPI .

Interest Rates
Benchmark monetary policy rate, open market transactions, interest rates...

Exchange Rate
Foreign currency parities, nominal exchange rate, MER, EPI, RER and selected economies.

Money and Banking
Monetary aggregates, loans, foreign exchange market, balances...

National Accounts
Imacec, GDP (output and expenditure approach), financial and non-financial accounts, main macroeconomic aggregates.

External Sector
Balance of payments, international investment position, foreign exchange...

Employment Wages and Demographics
Employment and unemployment, general wage index and demographics.

Economic Expectations
BCCh economic expectations, economic expectations UCH, IPEC.

Sectoral Indicators
Manufacturing, mining, energy, trade and construction output index and sales. Property price index.

International Economy
GDP of developped countries, price index, prices main basic product...

Public Finances
Income, expenditure and central government results, assets and liabilities of Central...