API for Statistics Database

Codes, manuals and documentation for accessing time series data from the Central Bank's Statistics Database, using Python, R and C#, as well as the Web services documentation, along with the terms of use and necessary forms to use this services can be downloaded here.

For all purposes of terms of use, API and Web services should be understood as equivalents.

Email: contacto_ws@bcentral.cl


Web services

The Central Bank of Chile provides two types of web services; the first one contains a catalogue of available time series and the second allowing retrieval of the time series, which are:

    SearchSeries: Allows viewing of available time series (metadata).
    GetSeries: Allows retrieval of available time series.
The WSDL definition, developers technical handbook and sample application that verifies the connection to Web Services and its operating mode are available at:


List of series available through Web Services

Technical handbook

Sample application (C#)

Related documentation

Companies, institutions, organizations or natural persons who wish to use this service must complete the following forms:

Registration form and conditions of use. Natural persons must provide identification (ID or passport)

Key request letter and declaration (Certificate 1) only for chilean companies

Certificate of incumbency (Certificate 2) only for foreign companies