Components of M1

(average, billions of pesos)

M1 includes banknotes and coins in circulation deposits and other of the private sector net of float. It is constructed using data published in "Economic and social indicators of Chile 1960-2000" of the Central Bank of Chile for the period December 1965 to December 1984, and current data. Until December 1974, the original series were expressed in escudos, and later converted to pesos at the rate of 1 peso = 1000 escudos.

On 23 May 2006, the publication of the new series of monetary aggregates started. Further information is available in the Series of Economic and Statistical Studies No. 53, May 2006.

Figures disclosed for the last three months are provisional figures and are based on daily balances reported by each financial institution.

M1 = C + D1 (D1: Deposits of the private sector, excluding bank and financial institutions, net of float)+ Dsd (Dsd: Demand deposits other than checking accounts + Demand saving deposits)