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In the mobile version of the Statistical Database, you will find the main macroeconomic statistics of Chile as well as some of the most relevant in the international economy. You can view data sets and graphics, modify consultation periods, see explanatory notes and send information by email.

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This publication, created in January 1928, contains statistics on the main indicators of activity and employment, monetary and financial information, prices and wages, exports and imports, trade balance, balance of payments, international reserves, foreign investment, Chilean investment exterior, external debt, international surveys and information in economic expectations in Chile indicators. The Bulletin is presented in pdf format and has tools that facilitate the downloading of information in Excel spreadsheets and CSV files, more historical coverage that shown in the tables in the Bulletin. The Advance Monthly Bulletin is published on the 7th of each month or the next business day. This information is provided as a preview of the Monthly Bulletin published the 23 of each month or the next business day.        View demo

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